Israels New Enemy

Hamas is raining down missiles of ever improving accuracy on Tel Aviv and other cities and sending terror cells over her borders and missions of murder and mayhem.

Israel’s response to those who seek to kidnap and murder its children and terrorize its citizens is the same as it has been since the creation of the Jewish State: Never Again! Its fighter jets are in the air; its reserves are mobilizing.

Israel can defend itself against in its war on Hamas. But the war of public opinion presents a far more dangerous threat. In a prior time, Israel could have counted on the United States for support in this insidious war of slander and defamation its enemies have

Washington DC in Ruins - Is this a vision of the near future.

Washington DC in Ruins – Is this a vision of the near future.

launched around the war in an effort to delegitimize the Jewish State and prepare it for annihilation. But the Obama administration has left Israel twisting slowly in the wind, encouraging the jackals that seek to destroy her by calling on Bibi Netanyahu to exercise “restraint” as enemy missiles explode all around his country.

Israel will beat back Hamas once again. But how long will it be able to hold out against the international calumny that it is a fascist state violently oppressing the blameless Palestinians? That is a much harder war to fight, especially when the United States government is on the other side.

Thanks to Obama and his socialist ideals I am afraid that these may be the last days of a civilized world.

God be with us all for it is a matter of time before we see scenes like we see in the Middle East on our own streets here.

Universal Ethics

The picture below stirs up many things within me as a human being, as a father, as an American, as a Marine. I want to jump into the picture, scoop up the child and save him or her, then take the weapons, and shove them in the guts of the ones pointing them as I fire the entire magazines.

I write 99.9% of the time on the positive in hopes that what I write makes a difference and I know that it does, on a small level.

Jihadists posted this photo this weekend of “our youngest hostage” in Kessab, a predominantly Christian town, in Syria. Raymond Ibrahim reported, via Religion of Peace:

Jihadists posted this photo this weekend of “our youngest hostage” in Kessab, a predominantly Christian town, in Syria. Raymond Ibrahim reported, via Religion of Peace:

No, it is not small for the ones that it helps but for my ultimate goal and desire it is small and it is when I see pictures as this that it motivates me even more.

It is when I see things like this that reminds me that although each of us are all part of the human race we have chosen to divide ourselves in thought, in faith and in many aspects of life in an attempt to be better that one or another.

My friends, ALL OF YOU! I do not give a DAMN what you believe or do not believe, what you think or do not think or want in this life when it comes to this subject. What I do care about is that you at this moment put your beliefs, thoughts and judgments in your minds closet for a bit.

All of us, no matter who we are, live by a set of rules called “Universal Ethics.” These rules apply to ALL HUMANS ON EARTH, whether secular or religious and is independent from any faith or belief. Somehow, these rules are coded within our DNA and drive our basic needs and desires in life.

Understand that the collation of Universal Ethics is not in any way a base for a new way of thought or a new religion; in fact nothing is said about metaphysical or liturgical concepts whatsoever. These rules say nothing about the existence of the Universe or of man. Mentions no ritual and does not deal with the concept of any God. Myths do not exist; stories are nothing but immutable dogmas. The best thing is that, Universal Ethics do not prescribe ANY changes to any existing or future creeds.

These are to be our Moral constitution which is articulated as a set of specific ethical principles that are to be held as acceptable to ALL HUMAN BEINGS.

My friends, it is my honest opinion that until we collectively learn these Universal Ethics and then force our Leaders, our Governments and even our Religious Leaders to move forward with them as our compass we, as a people, are doomed.

If they will not change for the good of mankind it is time for mankind to change for the good.

Let the change begin with you as it has begun with me!

They are a coming….

Benjamin Franklin’s famous statement is often paraphrased as, those who would trade freedom for security, deserve neither. And the big largeupuiip900@0-problem of governments is that we create them for security, only to then need security from them. Human beings have a tendency to want to create institutions to accomplish our goals, whether it is protecting our borders, putting out fires or perpetuating a sense of national greatness. But by collectively investing power in any institution, we risk creating an institution whose power cannot be taken away.

No man is an island, which means that we face collective challenges and will act collectively to meet them. The Founders understood that. Their objective was not an America left over to anarchy, but neither was it an all-powerful state.

They compromised by attempting to create consensual government whose off switch would be in the hands of the people. Of course it was never that simple.

My question to each of you at this very moment; Do you realize what is happening in our government today? Are you aware of what rights we have lost? What will you do about it when they come for you or a friend because you spoke against them? Will you stand up for yourself or continue to turn the other cheek? Are you in the least prepared to do anything?

Something to think about as you lay your heads to rest tonight. What will I do if they come knocking on your door? They are coming, my friends.

Let us not allow The United States of America to become the Socialist States of Amerika!

Is it the end of the United States of America? Is the end of our histories and of our people? Is it the end of what our founding fathers dreamed of? It does not have to be if WE the People so choose but if as a whole we ignore and do not take action, it will indeed be the end, Tea Partywe will vanish into history alongside other Civilizations such as Rome, and history will indeed have repeated itself. It will then be said that we did not learn and that it was our lack of action that lead to our own demise.

No! I cannot, we cannot believe that it is! This age must not be called the fall of the West but the resurrection of the people of the West and of the United States of America! We must let all that is rotten and evil within our Government fall by our guidance and by our leadership as a people. New life can spring up from this Nation of ours. We the people and many that are willing to lead this charge has the will and the faith of a Nation but this Nation must open her eyes and see that we are indeed no longer free.

Today many of us are now or can be considered a “Terrorist” and many of you have noticed this language used more and more in our Government when describing the citizens of this Nation as well as those in Congress willing to lead the change for change. A resent internal memo front the Department of Homeland Security lists those that are considered or can be considered terrorists and was approved to be enforceable via Presidential Directive and any American citizen may be detained without cause or warning indefinitely if under investigation for any of the following (Note: this list is only a very small sample. You can check my blog for the full list):

• Being frustrated with “mainstream ideologies”
• Valuing online privacy (and see this)
• Being a libertarian
• Liking the Founding Fathers
• Being a Christian
• Being anti-tax, anti-regulation or for the gold standard
• Being “reverent of individual liberty”
• Being “anti-nuclear”
• “Believe in conspiracy theories”
• “A belief that one’s personal and/or national “way of life” is under attack”
• “Impose strict religious tenets or laws on society (fundamentalists)”
• Being “anti-abortion”
• Being “anti-global”
• Fiercely nationalistic (as opposed to universal and international in orientation)
• A belief in the need to be prepared for an attack either by participating in … survivalist
• Opposing genetically engineered food
• Opposing surveillance

We must now, collectively, come together and prove symbolically that we are more than a collection of individuals striving against one another. That not one of us is too high, too proud, too rich, nor too poor to stand together in the face of God, whom this country is founded upon and falling without, and we must scream to the whole of the world that we the People are not our government and that we the people are not ashamed to be an American and that we are not apologizing for it but that we are ashamed of our government and what it has become.

We must continue to gather all over the country and show the beginnings of change and of revolution. We must continue to vote and remove from office those that serve only the government. In the meantime and as long as change fails us, we must protest and not participate in any Government mandated program that is not constitutional. We must stop buying anything that is not made in America. We must protest by abstaining.

We must protest by educating ourselves on what our government does and has done that is against the laws of our founding documents and we must call out and force accountability on those that are responsible.

We must stop turning our heads and open our eyes and do what is right and just for ourselves, our forefathers and for the future generations.

What we each want as an American clearly lies before us. It is not war and not strife that we want. We have a peace among us as a people when our government is not involved. We want nothing else but what is what is promised and what has been taken away from us over the last decade.

Our leaders have sacrificed its honor in its relations with the world and with this Nations people. They have apologized for being America. No more!! We must require that our honor be restored in the eyes of us, the citizens and of the whole of the world.

The world must come to know and understand the we as the citizens of the United States are a proud people and must understand that we are not the United States of yesterday but we have within each of us the United States that once was and that live within the words of our founding documents and begin with “We the People”

Let us not allow The United States of America to become the Socialist States of Amerika!

May God bless the United States and each and every one of you!

Reality of a Second American Revolution

I am afraid that it is indeed time for a change in our Nation but before that can happen people must wake up. This is no longer the America that our parents knew; it is not even the America that you and I knew just a few short years ago.

Revolution-cI hear many crying for a “Revolution” but very few of those crying out really know how one would go about to revolt. Partially because of our need for speed in today’s society, we are more connected than ever before and we assume things should happen quickly but it does not work like this.

A  real revolution takes time, patience, fortitude and knowledge. Sadly this concept and knowledge of our own revolutionary history, is lost on many. Even the ones who have their minds and hearts in the right place for the right reasons seem to believe that any action to defeat must be immediately effective or it’s not worth the attempt. History shows us something different and this is something that I will be writing of the next few nights.

I will not be posting positive or motivational items in the evening for I feel that I need to do this, at least for myself right now so that I can say I did try to make some difference.

The recent Government shutdown that was triggered by the Tea Party Republicans may go down in history as the first act of the 2nd American Revolution if we do things right and to the men and women that lead that change I thank each of you.

Now back to what a revolution really is from an educated point of view and from a Military point of view.

The American rebellion towards the British monarchy was not an overnight event. Anger over the treatment of the new Americans by King George simmered for decades and actually began before America. The original British troops arrived in Massachusetts in 1768, the Boston Massacre took place in 1770 and our Nation’s Founders still had not jumped into any type of action. That “Shot heard around the world” did not take place until April 19th, 1775. It took many years for the Revolution to coagulate into a physical war. So what transpired in the meantime with the colonists? Nothing?

In reality our forefathers employed so pretty good tactics economically against the enemy long before the first musket was raised. British imports were destroyed or sent away. Clothing and other items shipped to the States from Europe we boycotted and the colonists began to produce what was turned away on their own and eventually had no need for any import. They refused to support and participate in a system that was designed to enslave them monetarily or politically. This was the foundation on which they would eventually launch the physical fight for freedom and for liberty. They had hoped that these actions alone would help avoid any conflict but knew that they had to stand firm until the end, even if it meant war. Without these initial efforts in economic independence, the 1st American Revolution probably would not have ever taken place.

Therefore, you see, the Tea Party Republicans have taken the first stand and I firmly believe that this is the beginning but now we, as citizens must support that effort. Our country is run by politicians but they are to represent us. When they fail to do so and begin to systematically infringe on our liberties we have a duty as a citizen to take action. Let us now go the next step and not wait for the politician to do something. Let us protest by not obey any law that is indeed unconstitutional. Let us not participate in the new Obamacare System. Let us not allow any further jobs to be sent overseas and let us continue our 2nd Revolutionary beginnings by supporting the Tea Party Republicans and let this be the beginning of a 3rd party that will out do all others.

Remember that The Founders of our Nation had the same doubts and faced the same obstacles we do today. The difference is that the enemy is within and on home soil. What are you going to do?

Tomorrow I will go into further detail on what I see happening and what I feel we must do.

May God be with our nation and with us all.


It is Time to Rise Up as a Nation

English: Detail of Preamble to Constitution of...

English: Detail of Preamble to Constitution of the United States Polski: Fragment preambuły Konstytucji Stanów Zjednoczonych (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


More than 6 years have passed since the unhappy day when the American people, blinded by promises of “change” at home and abroad, lost touch with honor and freedom, thereby losing all.

Since that day of treachery and fixed elections, the Almighty has withheld his blessing from this once great Nation. Dissension and hatred has descended upon us.

With profound distress, millions of the best American men and women from all walks of life have seen the unity of this nation vanishing away, dissolving in a confusion of political and personal opinions, economic interests, and ideological differences. We have turned our heads and ignored it but now more!

Since that day, as never before in our history, the United States has presented a picture of heartbreaking disunity. We never received the equality and fraternity we had been promised, and we lost our liberty to boot. We turned out heads. For when our nation lost its political place in the world, it soon lost its unity of spirit and will. Our leaders have made a mockery of us, you and I, as a people by apologizing for who we are and who we can be!

The rest of the world, too, has suffered no less since then from overwhelming crises, one after another. The balance of power, which had evolved in the course of history to our favor, has been set on its side.

The misery of our people is horrible to behold and our media chooses not to share the true everyday stories of US! There are actual millions of unemployed and starving; nearly all of the middle class have been impoverished. When this collapse finally reaches the lower class, we will be faced with an immeasurable disaster. For then not only shall a nation collapse, but a two hundred and thirty-seven-year-old inheritance, some of the loftiest products of human culture and civilization.

All about us the warning signs of this collapse are apparent. Our current administration and political leadership bent on turning us into a Socialist Nation with its method of madness is making a powerful and insidious attack upon our dismayed and shattered nation. It seeks to poison and disrupt in order to hurl us into an epoch of chaos. This negative, destroying spirit spares nothing of all that is highest and most valuable. Beginning with the family, it has undermined the very foundations of morality and faith and scoffs at culture and business, nation and God, justice and honor.

Almost 6 years of unacknowledged Socialist destruction have ruined the foundations of our country; another full term of our current President will destroy her. The richest and greatest cities of the world will be turned into a dusty heap of ruins as can be seen today in Chicago and Detroit. The thousands of those now struggling and treatment and contempt of our own citizens and the trampling of the Veterans of our Nation and of our wounded, the hundreds of dead because of politics and the greed of our policy makers not allowing proven treatments of diseases, all of this should be a warning of the storm which is to come.

In those hours when our hearts were troubled about the life and the future of our Nation, this change appealed to us as a people.

For the first time since the Great War of brother against brother the front lines are again at home.

As sad as it is, our generation, the X-Generation, the generation of do nothings must now do something. An inheritance has fallen to us and it is a harsh one. The task with which we are faced is the hardest, which has fallen to any American within the memory of our young nation.

We the people which our Government was to at one time represent, must wake up, open our eyes and see the reality beyond all of the politics and media hype are all filled with unbounded confidence. We must believe in our Nation its founding principles and their imperishable virtues. Every class and every individual must help us to return our Nation to what it once was.

We must now stand up as a Nation and as a people, join, and form a third party. A Constitutional Peoples Party. This party should regard it as its first and foremost duty to revive in the nation the spirit of unity and co-operation and ensure that our Government is held accountable as is our right and enforce the Law of the Land, OUR CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS. It should preserve and defend those basic principles on which our nation has been built. It will regard God as the foundation of our national morality, and the family as the basis of national life.

Turbulent instincts must be replaced by a national discipline as the guiding principle of our national life. A life granted to each of us by God and in the words of our founding fathers that live in the Constitution of the United States of America.

It is time for us to realize what is going on, to wake up and to quit lying to each other believing that everything is okay. NOTHING IS OKAY ANYMORE.

What say you?



On The Criminal Communist Traitor – Obama

This is from a fellow Patriot by the name of Joseph Ardito:

NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, CNBC are all part of the underground socialist movement formally owned by G.E. (General Electric) and by the Clintons who own major stock in the studios, and their subsidiary companies and affiliates. Clintons daughter is also employed at NBC.

Jeffrey Immelt the C.E.O. of G.E. is Obama the criminal traitor fraud’s foreign financial advisor, and the Clintons own major stock in the studios and have continued to use the socialist media for decades, in an attempt to manipulate, distort, and deceive the people by and through false propaganda – As in – Benghazi, the Fast and Furious, the Massacres and Stand Down Orders, the presidential elections, the presidential appointments and the rigging of the elections.

The socialist NBC media has been used and has taken an active role in trying to disarm America by and through the premeditated “Massacres and Stand Down Orders” that have caused the executions of our children, patriots, and soldiers, as Obama the criminal traitor fraud continues to arm, fund, and aid the terrorists, the drug cartels, and our enemies.

The socialist media has encouraged voter fraud, the flooding of illegals that are unpatriotic and have constantly put Americans at war against one another by and through racial divide, religious divide, and party divide using the psychological ploy of divide and conquer, as they helped flood our country with millions of unpatriotic illegals, so these criminal corrupted political misfits can continue to line their pockets, embezzle, and loot our country’s fortune without warrant, or prosecution.

False propaganda of the media was always used in “History” by dictators, and tyrannical rulers like Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein to embezzle, steal, and loot the country’s fortune.

We the people of the United States have been victimized by Obama the traitor fraud con artist that has perpetrated the biggest hoax and fraud on the American people with the help of the socialist media.

We the people of the United States have been continuously victimized by this traitor fraud on a daily basis who continues to violate our laws; our constitution; our free elections; our immigration laws; our human rights; and our military by and through his premeditated criminal acts of treason that continue to be protected by a corrupted socialist media, corrupted United States Attorney General Eric Holder, the corrupted federal court judges, and other corrupted federal agencies that have intentionally aided and abetted in securing the criminal coup d’e tat of America.

The presidential debates have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that Obama is in fact a criminal traitor fraud, that procured the presidency of the United States by connivance, fraud, massive voter fraud and rigged elections that secured the criminal coup d’e tat of America.

Obama the criminal traitor fraud was in fact compliant in the premeditated “Stand Down Orders and Massacres” that were solely used to undermine and disarm America while this criminal traitor fraud continued to fervently arm, aid, and fund the terrorists, the drug cartels, and our enemies.

The socialist/communist media, and Hollywood have continued to protect and contribute to the illegitimate reign of terrorism that our country is facing on a daily basis by Obama the criminal traitor fraud and his criminal cohorts, and these facts are indisputable.

We the people of the United States need to prosecute, convict, and execute these corrupted politicians, corrupted federal court judges, the corrupted media executives, and other corrupted federal agencies that have aided and abetted in the rigged elections, the numerous premeditated acts of treason, and the executions of our children, patriots and soldiers that have led to the coup d’e tat of America.

We the people of the United States need to “boycott” the corrupted socialist media, that has created an insurrection in the United States, and set up our own “trustworthy media” in the interest of justice and national security.

Joseph Ardito

Bill Clinton advises Obama on shutdown: ‘If I were president. . . ‘